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I am an undergraduate student at Indian Institue of Information Technology, Lucknow pursuing Btech in Information Technology. A person with a foolishly wide range of interests: Space, Photonics, Psychology, Photography, History, Music and Art.


I use this website to publish material that doesn’t fit into the usual channels of publishing. I like how internet lets people publish whatever they like, and that’s exactly how I use this space.

  • Fullname: Govind Dixit
  • Education: BTech in Information Technology
    Indian Institute of Information Technology, Lucknow
  • Email: govinddixit93@gmail.com
  • Personal Blog: World for Developers
  • Current JOB: Google Code-in Mentor @Tensorflow
    and @Mifos Initiative

I like to explore new things everyday. The journey has helped me to fetch a good number of skills in my inventory

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  • 95%
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More of my Credentials.

Running water never grows stale. So you just have to

"Keep On Flowing"
Work Experience

GCI Mentor

Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Google Code-In

I will be mentoring the pre-university students for the Google Code-in program for two great open source organizations
• Tensorflow
• Mifos Initiative Organisation

Student Developer

May 2019 - Aug 2019

Google Summer of Code

Selected for Google Summer of Code under Rocket.Chat Organisation.
• Integrated feature to support multiple languages in the app at the runtime
• Improved the test automation in Rocket.Chat Android Client from scratch
• Written Unit and UI tests using Junit and Espresso and increase the test coverage from
0% to 60.97%
• Added feature to review and share the app with other users
• Fixed various existing bugs in the project

Microsoft Student Partner

September 2019 - Present


• Host events, workshops and hackathons about Microsoft technologies like Azure, Sway etc. on campus
• Build and grow a community of students on-campus and online
• To acquire tools and trainings to lead technology discussions on campus
• To work closely with Microsoft and other MSPs and build networks

DSC Lead

July 2019 - Present

Google Developer Student Club

Google Developer Student Clubs (DSC) are community groups for students from any academic background in their undergraduate or graduate term. Students get access to Google developer resources, and work together to build solutions for local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment.


Feb 2019 - May 2019

GirlScript Summer of Code

GirlScript Summer of Code is the 3 month long Open Source program during summers conducted by GirlScript Foundation. I have Mentored "DS- Algo notes", A data structure and algorithm project with 170+ contributors and reviewed 80+ PRs. .

Campus Ambassador

Feb 2019 - Present


GeeksForGeeks is a Computer Science portal for geeks. It contains well written, well thought and well explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes and all the resource a geek will need for the preparation of various exams, internships and placements as well.

Software Developer Intern

Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

Antrax Labs

Antrax Labs is an IoT R&D and customize IoT Solution provider. The product and services are ranged from connected devices to cloud platforms for Futuristic Smart Homes, Smart City, the Industry 4.0 (Smart Factory). I have Worked in R&D department to develop the end user product "Lumox" and worked with the Web development team in building the website for the company

App Developer

Nov 2018 - Aug 2019

Rocket Chat

Rocket.Chat is free, unlimited and open source. Replace email, HipChat & Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution. I have worked on the Android client of Rocket.Chat
• Integrated feature to support multiple language in the app at the runtime.
• Added options to review and share the app.
• Added feature to view profile image of the user on clicking the avatar icon.

App developer

Aug 2018 - Present


FOSSASIA is an organization developing software applications for social change using a wide-range of technologies. It was established 2009. Projects range from Free and Open Source software, to design, graphics and hardware. They also organize and participate in conferences, meetups and code camps


Bachelor Degree

July 2017 - Present

Indian Institue of Information Technology, Lucknow

Btech in Information Technology (IT)

Senior Secondary Education

May 2014 - June 2016

Delhi Public School Ghaziabad

12th Standard, 95.4%

Secondary Education

May 2010 - June 2014

C.S.H.P. Public School

10th Standard, 93.1%


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A developer's role is to combine design and business logic to achieve a user-facing product. To do this successfully, a wide skill set is necessary to produce a quality user experience that leads to meeting business goals.

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With my experience I can create Android Apps and responsive websites that work on a wide range of devices
Assist with production of clean and functional design
Bridge communication gap between designers and developers
Integrate your website into an easy to use content management system.


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